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Estefanía B.

“Lessons with Anna have been life-changing. She always guides me in a caring and patient manner. In the learning process, I have gained a greater poise, freedom of motion and a deeper connection to my body. Through Anna's guidance, I have learned more efficient and natural ways to use myself. This technique opened a door to a whole different world, and it significantly improved my yoga practice.” 


Marianne Z.

“Working with Anna has been very productive. I feel as though I take the lesson home with me and it continues to affect my everyday life. I always left the lesson feeling buoyant and grounded at the same time.  She is thorough and knowledgeable in her approach as well as kind and patient.” 

Bill D.

"Anna has helped me develop awareness, and take responsibility for my healing, by showing me exercises that I could do to facilitate my healing, in conjunction with our sessions. Along with awareness, the principles of inhibition and direction followed. Learning and practicing these principles is the key to utilizing the teachings. Anna teaches these principles seamlessly, by incorporating them into a lesson. Her fluidity and intuition allows her to respond to each student’s personal needs. I highly recommend her teachings, or more appropriately, her healing."

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